You have the right to resemble the most delightful rendition of yourself on your big day. That is the reason we give durable, bespoke wedding looks that make this day critical for quite a few reasons.

We represent considerable authority in extravagance encounters; lightening you and your marriage gather of the pressure of the hair and cosmetics measure on your big day. Have a sense of security in the info you are in master hands. We are capable, coordinated, and we are experts at making dreams a reality.

No two people are alike, your skin tone, your eyes, your lips are your own...
let your makeup reflect this.

Pre-wedding photo shoots, Special occasions, High fashion, no matter
the occasion,we can tailor our service to fit.

Our Packages

Economy Package

₹ 5,000/-

Premium Service

₹ 7,500/-

Golden Service

₹ 25,000/-

Platinum Premium

₹ 30,000/-

Platinum Luxury Package

₹ 35,000/-

High End Bridal Platinum Airbrush with Advance tools

₹ 35,000/-


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